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302 2014 2015 2016 13 to 15 jewels 1954 chevy truck 2012 cars time forgot car show 2012 cars time forgot show 2012 walworth county fair 2012 wrap state award winner 3'rd owlet tucked under parent owl 40'th annual horse pull palmyra wisconsin 500mm 55 chevy truck door 55 packard super clipper hood ornament about size of a u.s. quarter abstract acorn adopted rescue dog adult adult trumpeter swan airplane airport allium alstroemeria altar always love the dog american bittern american coot american flag american wigeon amusement ride drops down fast anemone animal animals anther antique antique perfume bottle antiques apples architecture arrangement art work on garden wall aster augusta wisconsin australian terrier australian terrier mix automobile autumn autumn 2012 autumn 2014 autumn blaze maple autumn blaze maple leaves autumn in the woods autumn in wisconsin autumn morning aztalan mound aztalan mounds aztalan state park baby painted turtle bachelor's button backlight baraboo baraboo wisconsin barberry shrub barefoot water skiing barn barn doors barn swallow basilica of the national shrine of mary at holy hill bear bears playing in water beautiful beautiful autumn morning beautiful morning beautiful soft coat beautiful summer day bedroom bee bee balm bee collecting pollen bee on flower beloved pet beloved pet dog best friend best of show 2012 fran achen exhibit birch bark bird bird in flight bird swimming in water birds birds in flight birds love them bittern black and white black and white papillon black bear black border black chickens black crowned crane black eyed susan black eyed susans black saddlebag dragonfly black saddlebags dragonfly black white blackcapped chickadee blackeyed susan blacksmith bleeding heart blossom blossoms blue blue anemone blue flax blue flowers blue heron blue iris blue sky blue texture bluff boardwalk boat boeing stearman bokeh border bouquet braided rugs bridge brolga brookfield buddy buds building built 1861 iowa county bumble bee bumble bee on monarda bumblebee butterflies butterfly butterfly bush butterfly bush flowers butterfly on zinnia butterfly weed butterfly weed seed pod buzz saw bw bw portrait cabbage whites calico pennant cana buds cana island canadian geese canadian goose candid photograph canna lily captive car car show car show summer 2013 card and flowers from my son carnations carnival lights carriage cars time forgot show 2013 cat cat eyes caterpillar caterpillar on swamp milkweed pod chairs chalkboard checkered lily chevrolet corvette chevy chevy camero chickens chicory child chive chive blossom christmas christmas cactus christmas light show christmas ornament christmas ornaments chrome church church on the hilll circular polarizer filter city of bridges classic bonanza v35 clear wing moth clearwing moth clematis on trellis climbing vine close up closed doors closeup cloud maker clouded sulphur clouds clouds and blue sky cloudy day cobwebs coleus colored leaves colorful colorful bird colorful fall season colorful flower colorful fungus colorful gourds colorful iris colorful leaves colorful leaves under our trees colorful leaves under water colorful plants colorful sky colorful tree colorful trees colorful vine colors common buckeye butterflies mating companion cone flower cone flower petals coneflower coneflowers cookies corn stalks cornfield cornflower cornucopia cosmos country countryside county fair couple fishing on lake crab tree crane crane running in water cranes creek crisp fall morning custom czechoslovakia dabbling duck daffodil daffodils dahlia daisies daisy dall sheep dandelion seed head darlene jansen photography darlene jansen photography. daylily decorated for fall delavan wisconsin delicate delicate tiny flowers dell's mill dells mill delphinium demo derby demo derby 2012 designs desk detail dew dew covered rose dew drops dimensions of the flag itself were 30 ' high by 60 ' length dog dog in the park dog paws dolls door county door county wisconsin door handle downtown pittsburgh pennsylvania downy woodpecker on suet dragonfly dried flower duck ducks eagle eagle wi early fall 2014 early morning early morning light eastern bluebird feeding eastern bluebird female eastern bongo eastern tiger swallowtail eastern tiger swallowtail black form eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly eastern tiger swallowtails eating edible fungus elephant elgin pocket watch elkhorn wi elkhorn wisconsin endangered enjoy the small things in nature ethanol plant event fair fall fall 2014 fall colors fall decorations fall in wisconsin fall season fallen leaves falling apart false sunflower farm farm field farmland father's day fly in breakfast father's day fly in breakfast 2013 father's day flyin breakfast 2013 feather feeding feeling good female female 12 spotted skimmer female duck female ducks female finch female mallard duck female ruby throated hummingbird female ruby throated hummingbirds fence fence post fenton art glass fenton vase ferris wheel feverfew field of blue lupines field of lupine filter fir tree first place adult accomplished division fran achen photography show flag pole flax floor joist lined with horseshoes floral flour flower flower garden flower petals flower photography flowering chive flowering chive plant flowering hosta flowering tree flowers fly in breakfast flying insect fog foggy morning food food prepared by our son foot ford ford crown victoria ford fairlane ford mustang foxglove foxy fran achen photography show 2013 friend's pet fritillaria fritillary frog frogs frogs in a pond frost frost aster frosted milkweed pod frosty fuchsia fungus game gays mills wisconsin gears gears inside dell's mill geese in flight gerbera daisy german area at old world wisconsin giant swallowtail giant swallowtail butterfly giraffes gladiolus glads glorious fall colors goats beard gold blue macaw golden hour good luck grape hyacinth grasshopper grasshoppers great horned owls great spangled fritillary green bay botanical garden green bay wisconsin green bottle fly green darner green eyed bee green eyes green plant leaf greens blues grey crowned crane grilled red and orange bell peppers grilled stuffed portabella mushrooms grizzly bear grizzly bears gull halloween pennant halloween pennant dragonfly happy mother's day happy new year hard head harvest hat having fun hdr heart heart shaped flowers hearts heavenly scent heavenly scented helicopter helicopter rides hen and chicks henry vilas zoo madison wisconsin hepatica hercules economy 1929 engine herring gull historic place hoarfrost hocus pocus rose holy hill homemade apple pie honey bee honey bee on lupine honey bee with pollen on leg honeybee on spider wort hood ornament hoop skirt dress horicon marsh horicon marsh wisconsin horicon wisconsin horn of plenty horse horses hosta hot summer day hot summer night 2012 house house wren house wren building nest hover fly hoverflies hoverfly hoverfly on blue flax flower huge bears huge flag hummingbird hummingbird feeder hummingbird moth hummingbird moth collecting nectar hummingbird moth in flight hummingbird moth on butterfly bush hummingbirds hyde chapel iced cookies imagination indian corn indian tribe insect insects intense look interesting international crane foundation iris iris bokeh iris covered in dew jet jet contrail johnny jumpups johnson's blue geranium leaf july 4 2015 july 4'th weekend 2013 july 4th weekend 2013 juvenile juvenile trumpeter swan juvenile trumpeter swans killdeer nest on ground killdeer nest with eggs king vulture la roche college lady lake mills wisconsin lamp in window land landscape large animal large bear large bird large birds large hoverfly large scalloped edge fungus last colors of fall late afternoon light late afternoon sun leaf leaf and ice leaf cells leaf under water leaf with rain drops leaf with tiny dew drops leaves leopard liatris flower light light blue delphinium with touch of pink lighthouse lilac macro with rain drops lilacs lilies lily lily of the valley lion lioness lipstick lizard long billed dowitcher long eyelashes looking up lotus love loving the good life luminaries lupine macro macro. flower madison wisconsin magic of fall magnolia magnolia tree blossom male male 12 spotted skimmer male calico pennant dragonfly male duck male eastern bluebird male eastern bluebird with mealworm male female mallard male female mallard ducks male female mallards male mallards having their morning conversation male widow skimmer male widow skimmer dragonfly mallard duck mallard ducks man man's best friend mandrill mansion manual manual focus manual settings maple maple leaf maple tree marabou stork marigold marsh mating butterflies mating grasshoppers mating red milkweed beetle mattress filled with straw maule strata rocket may flower meadowhawk dragonfly men merry christmas migration milkweed beetle milkweed bugs milkweed plant milkweed pod mill creek church milwaukee county zoo milwaukee zoo milwaukee zoo wisconsin mini pumpkins minneiska ski show mist mock orange shrub in bloom monarch butterfly monarch caterpillar monarda monkey monkeys mood moon morel mother's day 2014 mum mums muscari my butterfly garden my flower garden native american natural light natural light from window nature natures camouflage nesting box in our backyard nesting site eggs painted turtle new coneflower bud new family member december 2013 new haven antique clock night clothes on the wall nikkor 200 500mm 5.6 nikkor 200500mm nikkor 200mm 500mm nikkor 200mm to 500mm nikkor 200mm500mm nikon d500 north northern shoveler november at the lake nymph oak tree oak trees october october morning in the park olbrich botanical gardens old barn old building old chair old chairs old checkerboard game old country farm building old dresser old flour bags old horseshoes old lamp old mill old paint old piano old train depot old truck door old wheel old wooden wagon wheel old world wisconsin orange orange cosmos orange sulphur ornament our backyard overcast day owl owlets painted turtle pair whooping cranes pal pale purple coneflower papillon park pasque flower pastry path pathway patterns peaceful peacock peanut feeder peck's farm market west pennsylvania peony peppermint stick zinnia perennial peruvian lily pet pet dog pet portrait petals phlox picnic tables pin oak acorn pine cone pine cones pine needles pine tree branch pine trees pink pink cleome pink dahlia pink flower pink gladiolus pink heart cookies pink lily pink petals pink poppy pink rose pink tulips pink water lilies pistil pittsburgh pittsburgh pennsylvania plane planes plant plant leaf plant leaves pocket watch pollen on leg pond poppy poppy abstract poppy without petals portrait possible 12 spotted skimmer female power of water prairie fire crab apple prairie fire crab apple blossoms prairie fire flowering crab tree prairie flower preening primate produced 1891 published pumpkins purple cone flower purple pasque flower pyramid queen anne's lace quiet of winter quiet time rain droplets rain drops rain soaked raindrops raspberry schoolhouse red red admiral red bellied woodpecker red coneflower red crowned crane red dahlia red gerbera daisy red milkweed beetle red pink poppy red rose red spotted purple red squirrel red tulips red white and blue red yellow red yellow tulips red zinnia reflection reflections refraction remains of a house reptile rescue cat rescue dog restoration ribbon richard bong state park ring billed gull river road rock rock formation rose roses ruby throated hummingbird female rubythroated hummingbird rudbeckia ruffled feathers ruffled iris ruffles rural rust rusted safflower seed sailboats salamander sandhill crane sandhill cranes santa santa ornament sap scratching seagull season seasons seed pod seed pods selective color sepia serenity shade loving plant shades of lipstick shadow shadows shallow depth of field shed shelf fungus shiny shooting star shooting stars shrub shutter speed 3200 second siberian crane silhouette silver spotted skipper singing house wren size of smallest fingernail sky slalom water skiing sleeping small bed small bird small blue flower small butterfly small country church small dog small milkweed bug small poppy small store front small tulip small waterfall small wildlife small yellow dragonfly snow snowberry clear wing moth snowberry clearwing moth snowman socks on bed soft soft focus solar flare echinacea solarization filter southern ground hornbill sparkling wine spent flower spiderwort spinning wheel spring spring 2014 spring 2015 spring 2016 spring flower spring flowers spring morning spring season springtime squash squirrel stamen stamens stars state art award state park stencil used for labeling flour barrels from long ago stepping back in time stickbug still life stockade fence submerged succulent plant sulphur summer summer 2013 summer 2014 summer 2015 summer day summer day sky summer morning summer's day summertime fun sun sunlight sunrise sunset sunshine swan swans sweet perfumed scent sweet scent sweet wookie table taken october 16 2014 talent talented taper taste of summer tea cup teacher terrier mix texture tiger time to gaze tiny bumble bee tiny crab spider tiny flower tiny flowers tiny fly on chive blossom tiny screws tiny wildflowers tiny zinnia tire treasured card tree tree stump tree stump with fungus tree swallow tree swallows trees tropicanna gold trumpet call trumpet song trumpeter swan trumpeter swans tulip tulips turtle turtles turtles sitting on a log u.s.a. flag unconditional love undertaker bird unique growth pattern unknown bird untold story valentine cookies valentine's day vapor trail vegetables veins vertical very sweet taste viceroy butterfly viceroy butterfly puddling vignette wagon walk in the woods walking stick walworth county fair walworth county fair 2012. walworth county fair demo derby walworth county fair elkhorn walworth county fair elkhorn wisconsin warm colors wasp watching me water water drop water droplets water drops water skiers wattled crane wet autumn morning what do you see whiskers white white blossoms white cosmos white dahlia white daisy white lily white lined sphinx moth whooping crane wi wild clover wild strawberry wildflower wildflowers wildlife wind flower window light windows wine glasses wing winter wisconsin wisconsin 1'st snow wisconsin autumn wisconsin farm wisconsin landscape wisconsin sunset wisconsin winter wolf head antique clock ornament woman woman's best friend wood wood spokes wood violet wooden checkerboard table wooden checkers woodpecker wookie wookie found his forever home at last wrap award wrap state exhibit award wrap state exhibit award 2013 yellow yellow cone flower yellow coneflowers yellow flowers yellow rose yellow salsify yoyo zinnia zinnias zoo
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